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School Management System



School Management



Playpen Portal is an education management software that was developed exclusively for Playpen center, Dhaka. This interactive school management system works as a bridge among the students, teachers, parents and management officials of the school. Tons of features and the smartly managed roles and permissions helped this software to become an standout education management software in the market. Apart from academic module, this platform is also managing HR and finance department’s regular activities. Playpen portal is smartly serving over 2000 students, their parents, over 300 teachers and officials at Playpen since 2019.

Our Rules


User research and competitor analysis has been done at the beginning to clarify the vision.

UI/UX Design

The goal was to build a UX that is fast and easy to understand by the users.


The development team started developing according to the design.

Testing/Bug fixing

After completion of the design & development,
we fixed all the bugs and tested the performance as well.

“Subjects which seemed worthy of focus only a few weeks earlier now seem flippant at best, and downright insensitive at worst.

This school management system enables stakeholders such as administrators, parents, teachers, and students to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. This education system is developed for easy management of school great functionality, comfortable space and easy customization.

The application offers a complete set of features for students, teachers, and administrators. It is very easy to manage and use for everyone.

  • Managing school finance is one of the biggest challenges for the school administration nowadays. In this case, they also need to maintain proper fee collections and contributions in the process.
  • Parents are not able to monitor their child’s performance and pay the fees.
  • It’s difficult to monitor every student’s activities manually, like attendance, absences, leaves, assignments, progress records, and the timing of classes.

Three separate portals has been created for administrations, teachers, and parents. In this way, the organization can easily manage its finances, student monitoring, and teacher evaluation. The teacher can monitor all the students’ activities. The guardian is also able to pay all fees and monitor their child’s performance.